Fisheries Council of Canada | Future Leaders – Program Information
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Future Leaders – Program Information


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In partnership with National Fisheries Institute 


Program Information 


12 -15 May 2019 

3 nights/3 days 

  • Networking:  Meet your fellow leaders 
  • Government Relations:  Understand how Parliament and governments impact the fishing community
  • Embassy Visit(s):  Understand how Canada’s export strategies benefit the seafood industry
  • Communications Training:  Learn “hands-on” how to handle the tough media questions and how to meet with government officials 
  • Packaging Plant Tour:  Learn how different downstream companies package product to meet customer needs  
  • Fisheries Council of Canada Leadership:  Understand how your company’s investment in FCC helps your company and the seafood community  
  • Discussion Overfishing/Stock Management/Trade:  Gain an appreciation of the various issues facing Canadian seafood and processing companies, and how the industry is organized to address the challenges 



8 – 11 July 2019 

3 nights/3 days (Note:  Valid passport required) 

  • Port of Entry Tour:  Meet with US government officials to learn the evolving regulations to get Canadian seafood into the U.S. market 
  • Cold Storage Tour:  Gain an appreciation for the logistics challenges once seafood leaves the dock and Canadian processing plant 
  • Broadline Distributors:  Understand the expectations of large broadline distributors of  the seafood supply chain, inducing Canadian harvesters.
  • Seafood Specialty Distributors:  Gain an appreciation for how specialty distributors differentiate themselves from broadliners, and how Canadian seafood companies can gain access to these niche marketers  
  • Chef Discussion:  Discuss with chefs their evolving demands of suppliers, from an expectation of documented sustainability through to help with identifying new species to serve guests 
  • Culinary Event:  So you caught fish.  And you can decently fillet it.  Now test if you can actually cook it with the sizzle that makes a restaurant guest want to pay top dollar for that Canadian seafood.  
  • National Retailer Visit:  Learn from a major retailer how they seek to make seafood simpler and easier for U.S. consumers to enjoy in home. 



5 – 8 August 2019 

3 nights/3 days 

  • Salmon Hatchery:   Seafood is an evolving industry, with new technologies.  Leaders need an appreciation for how other aspects of the seafood supply chain operate. 
  • Salmon Farm:  Learn about the challenges and opportunities in the aquaculture production of salmon 
  • Processing Plant Tour:   Each packing plant brings its own experiences and insights in getting Canadian seafood from the boat to a form the North American and global consumer wants.   
  • CEO Roundtable Lunch:  Hear from and discuss with an industry leader their careers, what they need to see in future leaders, and the steps to meet those expectations.  



For questions, contact NFI’s Gerrie Thomas, Director (1-703-752-8888, or FCC’s Clarke Cross (+1 613-727-7450,